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Membership Cancellation Policy:  Membership may be canceled at any time for any reason by the member while auto-renew is in effect.  However, the membership cancellation form MUST be completed from our website 30 days prior to billing date.  Email, Telephone, Text, or Verbal delivery are not acceptable and will not be enforced.  

All memberships require a 30 days notice to cancel.  If your cancellation is within the 30 days of the next automatic renewal you will be subject to one final renewal before termination or you may pay the early termination fee of $50.



By submitting this form, I am giving Audacity Fitness my 30 day written notice to cancel my membership.  I further understand that if 30 day notice was not provided 30 days prior to my next automatic renewal date, I am subject to one final renewal before termination.

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